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... In The Motions Of The Winds...

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Peace be unto thee, hello!

So where do I start? First of all - I am not some reknowned Islamic scholar, just your average normal person who happens to enjoy writing. I had actually written this as an article based on my readings of the muslim holy book, the Qur'an, years ago in university. I read the English translations and commentaries from the works of popular scholars.

I had written my undergraduate project work on Information Technology in relation to marketing and really liked the research bit. I felt like doing some more research work and writing. I heard people talking about science in the Qur'an and always giving the same examples about the formation of humans in the womb and the Big Bang theory. Generally most people I knew either accepted the claims as a matter of faith while others questioned why such discoveries came only after scientists put forward their findings and theories from their research work.

That didn't really interest me. What did was the fact that centuries ago, a civilization was developed from the words of this Book. People learnt a lot about this world and another in the Hereafter that they actually made scientific break-throughs and developed high levels of knowledge which they began teaching others around the world.

I had been taught about readers of the Qur'an shedding tears because they understood the real meanings of its words. I learnt about the scholars of the past and many of their achievements usually left unknown to most of us today. Also given a verse like talking about people passing by signs in heavens and earth without paying heed to them and the many other verses talking about people with knowledge or understanding being at some advantage over their mates, it made it all the more interesting to ponder the text of the Qur'an. I know I'm not a scholar or scientist, but I've studied enough books and TV shows on religion and science to give it a try.

The real work all began with watching clouds drifting in the sky forming shapes which looked like complete human faces...

What did I find out?

  1. Being muslim is not about believing you are gauranteed Paradise while everyone else is doomed to hell.

    Hadith - Bukhari 4:538, Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some water for it. So, Allah forgave her because of that."

    It's about realising there are positive things that can lead you to Paradise and negative ones that can lead you to hell.
    For a muslim it means you try to stay with the good and keep away from what has been identified as 'bad' for your own safety. You strive to use the positive and avoid the negative. You learn to use tools towards achieving your goal. Only God knows who ends up where (someone you think is going to hell might do something in his/her life leading him/her elsewhere and the same thing for someone you think is going to Paradise). Yeah, so this is another trick to make people think about the "religion of peace" when "muslim fanatics" are killing themselves and other people around the world?! Nah, I wouldn't bother about that - it's just like also arguing democracy is not about peace nor for the people if you look at events taking place around the world. Humans will always be imperfect no matter what. I only wrote this to explore how the muslim society organises itself, develops knowledge about the world around it and guides itself into fitting into the world, as harmoniously as possible, using set laws and principles.

  2. One way to look at the world would be to see it the way Neo, in the film The Matrix, did when he began to see the Matrix's codes. "Codes" are originating from a Source point and moving around interacting with our senses to create all the contents and attributes of the world we exist in (from the microscopic in detail to the vast visible splendors of the Universe). The big question is - where are they all coming from? (I began writing all this 3 years before the Matrix film).

  3. If the codes we receive right now come in mixture of "positive" and "negatives", what happens if they become "cleaned up" into clear separate forms? The muslim tries to always keep the positive in this world balanced with the positive of the next. Negative may seem pleasurable in this world, thus appearing positive, but with everything in its clear separate form in the next world, it becomes painful. And vice versa.

  4. Is there even the slightest chance of there being some way of causing the flowing codes of our existence to re-arrange our bodies "nano"-piece by "nano"-piece thereby causing the restart of life after one death? Read on for my "theory".

  5. A lot of the things mentioned in the Qur'an sound similar to (and some being exactly the same as) those mentioned in the teachings of Judaism, Christianity and other religions. This is actually supposed to be, because based on the information in the Qur'an since we all came from the same Source, the knowledge given to all nations of people via special vessels (prophets) has always been the same. Differences occured when time past and people forgot some things. In terms of differences appearing in similar texts in the Qur'an, Bible and Torah it would seem the main cause was in the way the information was gathered together and stored in the form of books to be read. For muslims, the information in the Holy Book had to be exactly what was revealed directly to the special vessels amongst humans, the prophets, and not via ordinary people who were not given the same special qualities and thus bound to human imperfections (errors or personal explanations and the like).

  6. It is clear that religion is not to be forced upon anyone because it is only of use when you understand it.

Come to think of it, going back to the verse about the movement of the winds being part of the signs for people with understanding, if you cared enough to understand such signs you'd be doing some weather forecasting (just like using stars for navigation).

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